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And when things were tough we never stopped caring for one another. Blitz stared uncomprehendingly from his seat in the doctor's office, his mind trying to wrap around what he'd just been told. Isaac, or rather the new Alloces, is ecstatic about his new life, but his euphoria slowly fades as unanswered questions pile up inside his head. So while trying to retrieve his gun, Striker targets Moxxie again. Striker provides only the best deals possible. The teenage hellhound then becomes pissed off, she stomps towards Moxxie and when she got closer to him, she strangles him, causing the weak imp demon to choke. It's funny how the most life altering events tend to start out like any other day, which is how it was for Lux until is estranged mother and new step-father came to visit him with their work colleagues for the Harvest Moon Festival. Octavia and Stella goes to the beach on this one!But Millie and Lin are there too!Sexy things ensue. Experiencing the thrill of dominance over someone is not something you can often get as an imp in Hell. His mental and emotional state is cracking as he is forced to recall his past sins and guilt. General warnings for this book are as follows: Death, Blood and Violence, Stalking, Unhealthy Relationships, and Emotional/Psychological Abuse. Status But not every piece has been carefully set. Following the assassination of Prince Stolas and the subsequent hunt for his killers, I.M.P. Second story (of four) in the Royal Milk Princess of Hell Saga.This full story based on someone's artwork, inspired by this image. It darkens with suggestions of horrors too vile for any demon and conflicts that will change the landscape of Hell. For as long as he can remember, Moxxie has always had it rough. One-Shot. Species *Part 2 of the Our Life series. He is presented with the offer of apprenticeship with the promise of being granted demonic powers, among other benefits, which he readily accepts. Moxxie was about to say something before Nox clicked the hammer of the revolver and pulled the trigger. He looked him in the eye and realized who it was. Alongside the hellhound Loona, the banished angel Collin, her cousin Ren, Octavia must become a Phantom Thief, changing the hearts of the wicked to save the world. And perhaps one day, she will get an answer from the stars as to how she came to be in this wretched world. Two fathers bring together two lonely daughters. And too many rejections can drive a man into obsession. Now she must use faith and logic to outsmart the evil that rules this world and rely on the aid of a strange boy who only wants to give her his heart. But with the royal vizier Striker working against him, things don't go as smoothly as Blitz hopes. Blitz caring so much more than he lets on, different spellings of Blitz's name depending on who's narrating, but if you're super sensitive to it it might be an issue, Moxxie be a sadist fuck when Bloodlusting, I just wanted to write something where Moxxie is total badass, First excessively violent fic Ive written for this fandom. Sallie May and Joe greet them, taking care of this imp girl as well. Stolas wants to help Blitz remember the memories of his mother, so he asks Marbas, another Goetia, if she could help. Moxxie has eaten her marshmallows. Hailed as the former ruler of Hell and the Queen of the Succubi and Incubi species, Amara. The concept of fighting for loved ones had never been so fucking literal. |"Y/N (Y/N) otherwise known as Cadaver was only known for someone who would take out government officials if they were corrupt no matter how high up they are. Relationships Stolas is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world. What if Striker succeeded in getting into Bliztos head? Can they only get worse?Yes.CHAPTER 3 IS OUT. Unfortunately, the two have a lot to learn and get through before their big day Can they stick together until hell freezes over? (Please read tags some sensitive stuff here. With this newfound power what would happen if he reached his Breaking Point to the abuse in his life? In Hell, Imps are the lowest of the low in society . "YOU FUCKING ATE ALL OF MY MARSHMALLOWS! When Stolas giving Blitz the Asmodean crystals goes about as wrong as it could get. While Octavia has healed much of the rift between her and her father and she's started climbing out of the pit of despair that's held her for so long, she still feels listless. It was two-o-clock in the goddamn morning and Blitzo Kats had hit rock bottom. Blitzo wanted to celebrate another successful assassination by flexing his pipes at a nearby karaoke pub. Romance! Singing is something her husband loves to do, but has he ever even had the decency to write a song for his wife?? One day, he is met by Alloces, a prestigious Goetian duke who is desperate to find an apprentice to help him carry out his duties in the living world. With the two imps girls reunited, Lin proposes a big change of perspective for Millie. A collection of yandere works featuring characters from every fandom listed in the tags and more. They're stealing the freedom of the majority. After finding a letter in Stolass pocket about their imminent breakup, Blitz panics. Moxxie's name is based on the word "moxie" which means "to have fighting spirit". When Mob Princess Rapunzel breaks a promise to help Varian save his dying Father, Varian does something desperate to make her keep it. In the Ring of Wrath, Moxxie lives with his wife Millie and Blitzo, both experienced hunters brought by the Ars Goetia amongst countless others in order to wipe out the last pack of hellbeasts while he stays behind at home to happily provide 'emotional' support. he asked, sure he'd heard wrong, his voice quiet and strained. Two Sins; Greed and Lust desire one woman. Dislikes But when he -somewhat- befriends the wild imp Striker and his family, their friendship leads Moxxie to discover the world of the Hellwalkers and transforms him into the very thing his own kind are bent on destroying. Work Search: ), Angel Dust (Hazbin Hotel)/Moxxie (Helluva Boss), Moxxie (Helluva Boss) & Original Character(s), Bombproof | Striker's Horse (Helluva Boss), Millie (Helluva Boss)/Original Character(s), Moxxie (Helluva Boss)/Original Male Character(s), focusing on strixxie with a little bit of the others, None of the characters are related to their original roles, More characters will be added along the way, Good Significant Other Millie (Helluva Boss), how to not convince someone to cheat on his wife basically, I.M.P is a precious family that will fuck you up if need be, Canon-Typical language (or simply put everyone is cursing like a sailor), He's also the reason why Moxxie has self esteem issues. Perhaps at a certain imp's murder business? Mox/MoxMox (by Millie)M (by Blitzo)Little One (by Striker and Coco)Little Fella/Dude (by Striker) Moxxie (Helluva Boss) Stella Goetia Octavia Goetia Loona (Helluva Boss) Blitzo's Eels (Helluva Boss) Asmodeus | Ozzie FizzaRolli (Helluva Boss) Barbie Wire (Helluva Boss) Original Helluva Boss Character (s) Pregnancy Stolas is pregnant that's it that's the tags It's not said in chapter 1 but I tried my best to imply it Unfinished business being the people that sinners in Hell want killed. Moxxie (Helluva Boss) Millie (Helluva Boss) D.H.O.R.K.S. WARNING: This Story includes violence, sexual implications, substance, suicide, adult language, dark humor, gore, inhumane instances, psychological drama, pressing subject matters, and psychological horror. agents arriving on-scene. Over the course of twenty-four hours, Blitz considers a variety of ways to deal with Stolas's abusive ex-wife and her insistence on taking Octavia away. Six months ago Blitzo was kidnapped and suffered at the hands of his abusers. And so are the two's lives. Havent we done this before?, I dont know, doesnt this seem all too familiar?. This is an AU set after the events of Birth Of the Ultimate Hunter. Have fun with interpretation! Unfinished business being the people that sinners in Hell want killed. And so, he does it. she finds a way to shut them both up at the same time. With a book that grants him access to the Human World, Blitzo Wire thinks of a brilliant idea: a company that offers to take care of unfinished business. Please consider turning it on! Things get even worse when he learns their new farm hand is his old boyfriend, Striker. Angel quickly learn there is far more to this place-and himself-than he ever imagined. And I want to share that story to the world (AN: This is an Octavia x Original Character Shot story series that puts a character I created into a series of events where he is raised to be Octavia's servant at a young age, but they become much more as time goes on. Will he find his way back home or is he stuck within a realm filled with sinners. (Stolas Goetias POV) Stolas sets Blitz free of their deal by granting him Azmodean Crystals to travel to the living world. Most might assume it is a simple classist disdain and leave it at that, even if her hatred was a bit more extreme than most other nobles. "I'll show that fat little fucker", she scowls as she goes on a job on her own to prove once and for all to the marksman of I.M.P that she was, in fact, an asset to Blitz's business and not just some drunken layabout. Occupation Please consider turning it on! Please consider turning it on! Black and white horns curved from what turned into white hair on his head. I've read a few fanfics already and I dig this ship. Follow Blitzo, his employee Moxxie Milkovich, Blitzos adopted daughter Loona, and others as they run The Immediate Murder Professionals while dealing with threats who believe themselves untouchable. "I'm what now?" He stopped moving when the figure stood on the ledge of the building. He also has yellow sclera with black slit pupils. Octavia Goetia struggles under the weight of her mother's expectations and the consequences of her father's infidelity. He took her in, not knowing she hides an angelic origin. ~ Drama!!! Cute Millie/Moxxie (Helluva Boss) Falling In Love With a book that grants him access to the Human World, Blitzo Wire thinks of a brilliant idea: a company that offers to take care of unfinished business. In "Loo Loo Land", Moxxie is freaked out by theme park mascots, believing them to be perverts under their costumes. And they need Moxxie there as a buffer. Being the main singer and songwriter of ". Moxxie does not swear as often as the others, when in a bad situation he often uses the comparatively tame phrase "Oh, crumbs". However, things get complicated when a sniper from Hell targets Stolas and is trying to kill him., *Co-Written with CrackedInkWell, Edited by Anon, Based and inspired by EMositeCC's AngelAUVerse.*. But was flung into a random netherworld. Really! And so, he does it. Unaware of the multiple problems thats about to be unleashed. One day she was drawn into a world of extraordinary imagination, where anything is possible and things are not always what they seem. Stolas never expected Blitz to be extremely intimate. Sallie-may is a working girl who loves to relax at any given moment so when she's nearly finished her work, the last thing she wants is Striker and Moxxie's bickering. Sequel to Should We Voyage Far, where we get to see where this little found family of Blitzo, Stolas, and Octavia will go. Helluva Boss | Millie Blitzo Moxxie Loona Stolas Goetia | Romance Love Demons Oc Dahlia (my OC) has been in hell for only a few weeks, but she feels almost confident in her new life there. First mission,some world building,all of the awful writing. and that's only the beginning as his past threatens to surface. His white pointy hair leads up to his curvy black and white striped horns. This story picks up at the end of s2e1 "The Circus" (watch it on youtube if you haven't, it's so good), in the middle of the balcony scene with Stolas and Stella, and alters the storyline to one in which Stella rejects the divorce, and then does horrible things to Stolas. A drunken night to wash away the bitter taste. Yet those closest to Blitzo have their own trials to face: Stolas will also be forced to face the consequences of his actions as he risks everything for the demon he loves. Married to the enemy. Please consider turning it on! Mr. Clean (Procter & Gamble "Mr. Clean" Commercials), a-z list of spamton plus $ because thats what we did, the lorax gets mentioned ok hear me out OK. characters will die sometime in this fanfic ok idk when but it happens IGHT? All Throughout history, the Magnes were thought to be the top of the top in Hell's hierarchy, however, there was a position in Hell that sits above everything else and occupied by one man. . As a result, he takes this month to find out. As he got closer he saw the figure crying. Stella, his wife, abuses him constantly while content with using the title of being his wife. Stuck in Hell the young boy longs for revenge and a chance to still save his Dad. Various themes and storylines are tackled in this, and each chapter has additional warnings listed at the beginning if necessary. So please give em! I practically made a Mini-Wiki there. Moxxie Fortunately, there is the Heavenly Ordained Problem Enders (H.O.P.E). Astra loves to spend time with her Grandpa since he's always so fun and doing amazing things, but a trip to the Gardens makes her learn that her Grandpa had a lover who he misses very much and she wants to know about him. Ever since angel became free from valentino, he and alastor became closemabye a little too close? Between the realms of Heaven and Hell lies the realm known as Purgatory, where angels and demons are tasked with helping or tempting human souls in their efforts to achieve final salvation. Things after things weighted his skinny shoulders until he couldn't breathe, so Stolas ran. Likes Helluva Boss (Web Series) Teen And Up Audiences Major Character Death M/M Work in Progress 25 Feb 2023 Major Character Death Striker decides to stop taking on big bounties, gets a job as a bartender, and moves away from Wrath. Millie, Moxxie, and Striker are hoping to have a child of their own soon. Shit gets messy fast. This will vary HEAVILY from the show now that Season 2 started. (Valentine's Day 2023 Fic that focuses on the concept of Blitzo, Loona, and the M & M couple dying of old age one day while Stolas and Octavia are still alive due to being higher leveled demons). You have been dead and stuck in hell for over two years. Information Moxxie and Millie find out they will be parents, but a face from Moxxie's past threatens everything they worked hard to achive. Characteristics Blitzo discovers he's pregnant and loses his shit. Any characters used that arent original characters belong to their respective owners. How long will Blitz be able to keep it a secret? Im gonna go get a coffee, he said. A young prince was walking through the streets of imp city one day after a particularly nasty morning with his wife.What was supposed to be a simple stroll, however, he ended up encountering a strange abandoned owlet in the alley. It is implied that Moxxie is or was a musician, as he can sing and play guitar, has a framed music award, has an alarm clock with a musical note on it, and his bedroom and living room wallpaper have musical notes on them. 10 years after his death, Blitzo, under the alias Brandon Rogers, has created a new life, became a heavily respected member of a small community, and is essentially the guard dog of the town. and the poor thespian has no idea how to process it all. Verosika MaydayStriker (rival)Employees of C.H.E.R.U.BEmployees of D.H.O.R.K.S. Once upon a time there was a lonely girl who much preferred to live in a fantasy than in reality. As questions and doubts about herself and the sinner begin to cloud the hellhound's mind, she starts to struggle to figure out what she wants. Abilities Others SUPPORT US ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/DownTheFox_Hole Moxxie gets an unexpected "surprise" on the road - a MUST SEE comic dub! Moxxie is an assassin and the weapons expert of I.M.P, Millie's husband and one of the main protagonists of Helluva Boss. And it does start as an afterthought. ?" Loona screamed directly at Moxxie with rage while strangling him to death. It was Moxxie. So Stolas, tells her about the Imp he loved a long time ago that he's spent every day slowly moving on from ever since his passing. has completely split up. He ripped it from her and in a stabbing motion lunged at Gabriel, but he was to slow. Because here we go again! Except for someone who though no longer able to answer him, as much as he wished otherwise. Where a mysterious human girl suddenly appears in hell. Moxxie has grown tired of all the pranks Striker keeps pulling on her, and decides its about time she pranks him back. Lucky for him theres an imp run company right here in Hell that has access to the living world and will kill your enemies for you. Lead by their founder, Blitz (the o is silent), he works with his adopted niece, Loona, and married couple Moxxie and Millie in their efforts to head to the human world and do your last request for a small fee. and Charlie and her parents were invited to a meeting with him to discuss about issues. Princess Octavia and I have grown up and gone through so much from our childhood to our adult years that its been a journey all onto its own. Updates once a week. Takes place during/after Season 2 Episode 1What would Octavia think if she heard her parents argument?What if she only heard part of it? Striker decides to stop taking on big bounties, gets a job as a bartender, and moves away from Wrath. Blitzo's affections could be bought for the night.For the right price. One snowy winter in the forest, a human found an Imp as a baby, and is named Blitzo, Blitz for short. This is a story about found families, overcoming trauma, and realizing that even self-proclaimed pieces of shit deserve to be loved. The M&Ms walk into the office the day after the Ozzie's fiasco to find Loona and Blitzo in a heated battle as the hellhound tries to keep a large blade away from a suicidal Blitzo, the M&Ms come to help as Blitzo opens up about his feelings. He awakens in captivity to find that Alloces has somehow merged with him, causing him to gain the Goetian duke's powers and form, and is broken out of his holding cell by Andrealphus. When Moxxie's job finally gives him a chance to spend time with his girlfriend, some things come to light. > Seraphim male reader. Nicknames Moxxie is an Imp who is easily annoyed and rather clumsy, as he trips over their ritualistic book on the way through the portal to the living world. A broken widowed imp. In the wake of a revelation, love and lust are required to mend the pain. Like things would be okay afterwards, like theyd just merrily go their separate ways and not end up dredging up all the bullshit surrounding them. In her rush of thought, however, she had mistakenly left her means of returning home back on the other side of the portal, rendering her stranded; "Oh shit". What starts off as a fun-filled evening swiftly transitions into an eventful fiasco, as the imp finds himself in a highly compromising situation with a beautiful, but seriously pissed-off hellhound. Because there's no way THAT could ever get out of hand, right? After being badgered by his boss for weeks, Moxxie finally decides to attend a party at Blitzo's new apartment. Outside the city walls, Blitzo scrapes a living from the harsh landscape of hell. Notably, the sheet says "PAYBILL". I saw the Valentine's Day Merch And this fic hasn't left me since. It starts with the paintings and sketches piling up in Octavia's bedroom and the awful nightmares that inspire them. The love he thought he couldnt keep hold of & the Ring that threatens to slip from his grasp. William Afton/A shit ton of people like a LOT ok!? It's Valentine's Day, and Astra Qliphoth-Goetia is going to be spending the day with her Grandpa Stolas Goetia at his palace while her Mom and Dad go out to enjoy themselves on this special day. His beak shrunk away, though a black marking above his lip stayed. Tommy dies and go to hell after Dream kills him. Fizz was just sick, nothing more nothing lessright? I dont give a shit, Blitz said, rain dripping down over his covered horns and onto his face. And what is it with this strange demon helping her father that Loona finds herself connecting with and changing because of him? Amara finally reconnects with Asmodeus, the lover that claimed her heart and soul for over three thousand years and everything seems perfect. Welcome to my second story! And they will all need each other, because Hell is slowly growing stranger by the day. Will Blitzo, a former circus imp, be his knight in shining armor or will Stolas fade away in his abuse? Why? Gabriel used his long arm to grab the blade and he kicked Moxxie back to the floor. "I'll show that fat little fucker", she scowls as she goes on a job on her own to prove once and for all to the marksman of I.M.P that she was, in fact, an asset to Blitz's business and not just some drunken layabout. . The first page is the rules and whatnot. Moxxie seems to be a fan of the hit musical. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. An underground group of lower class hellborn citizens plan and proceed with an uprising against hell's elite. Agents (Helluva Boss) additional non-canon characters Vox (Hazbin Hotel) Asmodeus | Ozzie FizzaRolli (Helluva Boss) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence Blackmail Deal with a Devil Developing Friendships Angst Anxiety Abduction Action/Adventure Character Turned Into A Demon Alcohol Loona had an ego, and as of recently a bruised one at that after being told that she was nothing but a "drunken layabout" by Moxxie. Helluva Boss pilotHazbin Hotel pilot (Silhouette only). Not b Denji was a boy born with nothing, his father had ended his own life and left Denji with an impossibly large debt to pay off. A prisoner in his own home, Stolas is raised to be the sacrifice whose death will ensure the survival of his people. Though, after Vivziepop revealed that Hell years work differently than human years, it is unclear if this is true. Technically there is Blitzo/Verosika Mayday but can you really call it a relationship? Blitzos heart was pounding out of his chest. Moxxie has a long red thin tail with a quadrilateral barb at the end, as well as lanky digitigrade legs ending in what appears to be cloven red hooves, reminiscent of artiodactyls. But.. Now working for I.M.P Tommy makes some new friends in high places, while also gaining a new family. Other Husk knows that this spells trouble. SUPPORT US ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/DownTheFox_Hole In a NIGHTMARE twist, Blitzo is found by Stolas - this is a MUST SEE comic dub!

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